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The Roustabout Circus was born in the summer of 2010 when the instructors of Talkeetna's Green Light Youth Circus decided to take their annual end-of-camp celebration show on a tour of Alaska! We loved bringing laughs, wonder, and magic to the communities we visited, so we've done it again each year since! At each stop along the way we performed our show and then spent time afterwards with the audience to teach them some of the skills we use, from clowning and juggling to stilt walking and trapeze!

Introducing The Company of Clowns !

Morgan Langhamran away from the circus when she was 16 years old! She was raised in Talkeetna, Alaska with 30 dogs and 3 brothers, in a cabin without running water or electricity. When she was five, her parents put her in their show perched high in a cloud-swing! She performed alongside her family and community in The Green Light Circus for years. Till she ran away to become a ceramicist, surfer, bicyclist, and painter. But luckily for us she has since fallen back in love with the circus! Now she is a juggler, clown and musician who moves and breathes for fun, excitement, beauty and oxygen!. Over the years she has performed with The New Old Time Chautauqua, Clowns Without Borders, The Bellingham Circus Guild, The Dream Science Circus, and annually with the Roustabout Circus!

Daniel Sloan was born in Washington state and first performed magic at the age of 10 for birthday parties of 7 year olds. He began clowning on stage in High School and went to Fairhaven College at Western Washington University where he graduated with a major in French. It was in college and later in France that a passionate discovery of juggling and circus performance was made. Since then Daniel has performed with the Dream Science Circus, The New Old Time Chautauqua, Clowns Without Borders, The Bellingham Circus Guild, and The Roustabout Circus! He completed his yoga teacher training at The Yoga Oasis on the Big Island of Hawaii.He's known to travel from the top of Alaska clean down into Mexico charming and hypnotizing audiences up and down the coast with feats of dexterity, balance, and magic. He also collects rubber bands and jokes.

Simon Langham inhabits a broad artistic landscape. Simon's poetry and short fiction have​appeared in The South Dakota Review, VerbSap, and Cirque literary​magazines, her plays produced in Anchorage, Fairbanks, ​Valdez, Talkeetna and Homer. She is co-founder of Talkeetna’s Green Light​Circus, a clown and juggler who has performed with the Bellingham Circus​Guild, New Old Time Chautauqua, and annually with Roustabout Circus.​Her home is a yurt with a view in Homer, Alaska.

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