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                 An aerialist suspends herself                           against gravity with 

                       bravery  and strength...


And a magician causes gasps of

                          astonishment and delight!​

Then enters Moonshine,


    a girl with too many  hats


        who elicits laughter and applause


                        with  her creative solutions...

 Later a pair of cheerful jugglers                                          nimbly throw tricks and pass                                                         patterns...


A hush falls over the crowd

   as a clown named Happenstance

       strides onto stage with a ukulele,

           determined to play his song no matter what...

"We are so thrilled to have had the talented Moonshine and Happenstance and their Roustabout Circus at the Douglas Library and hope they will make Juneau a yearly stop on their voyages."

-a pleased librarian!

"It captured their

imagination and made them laugh!"

-Sandy Solenberger in the Arctic Sounder

It is with sincerity and gusto

    that the Roustabout Circus perform

      their charming and captivating

        take on modern circus.




Borrowing from dance and theater,

while incorporating live music and lively magic

with juggling and acrobatics,


they weave a tapestry that communicates

                     a sense of wonder,


                                            and gratitude

                                                to their audiences.


Will entertain with stage shows or roaming ambiance at events of all kinds!

Let the Show Begin!!

"This nearly one-hour circus prompted 

 giggles, belly laughs, and applause from audience members as young as a year old."

​- Danelle Landis of The Ketchikan Daily News

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